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UC560 - AutoAttendant & Manual Trigger?


Good morning all,

I've got the admin portion down, but I'm still learning the various configs, so any help is greatly appreciated!  We have an auto-attendant working with a business hours schedule.  Works like a charm.  In case of closing early, winter storm, etc. the company wants to have a key input (similiar to Night Service) that turns on (and off) the AA.  Is that possible?  From what I've been able to work with in the CCA, the only thing I can possibly think of is having a Night Service which sends to a floating extension until the AA schedule kicks in.  The secondary question would be, will an AA schedule take priority onto the main line set to Night Service? 

Thanks for the help!

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Alexander Maroukian
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Rising star

Hello Raymond,

You may use the following example to achieve this:

Main DID -> floating extention -> AA

Then in night service add this floating extension which should point to another AA or phone number which should be used for the case. You need the floating extension because you cannot select the AA number in the night service mode window. Add also one of the other real phones for night service bell - this is needed because you must use this phone to force night service mode on/off. Then add a code under night service e.g. *222.

This way when user on the phone selected for night service may switch to another AA or external number.



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