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UC560 is not accepting incoming calls


I am hoping someone can help me as I have now spent 5 straight days on the phone (30+ hours logged) with UC support (albeit - no level 2 despite being escalated 3 days ago).  

The system works fine with the phones and outgoing calls appear to be working fine but incoming calls will not work at all. We have tried it using a standard NAT configuration where the UC is plugged into a VLAN port on a netgear router into the WAN port of the UC while the phones are on VLAN 9 on the expansion port.  Port forwarding is forwarding to the WAN port and that doesn't work. 

We tried using the UC as the router and completely bypassing the router and plugging directly into the Cable Modem using the Static IP on the WAN port of the router and the NAT to the VLAN and again, outgoing calls will work but incoming calls will not.  

So, I got them to send a new box, coming in today but before I do, I was hoping to get some assistance with setting up the system using just the Expansion port.  Here is the setup: 

Netgear Firewall
VLAN2   Phone
VLAN3   Wifi
VLAN4   Wifi Public
PC/EXP:  Currently disconnected
EXpan1:   Port 30 on Cisco Catalyst (VLAN
Cisco Catalyst: 
Port 16:  This Desktop
Port 33:  Goes to Port 2 on the Netgear Firewall  (
Port 30:  Goes to First Expansion Port on the UC (
When Traffic comes into the Netgear WAN POrt - set to forward to (UC VLAN Address) 

Ports open include 5060 and 10000-40000. 

SIP Provider is Voxox and they do not require any registration, it is an IP to IP based setup and we know it recognizes the device because outgoing calls appear to be successful.  


After 40+ hours, I am at a loss and looking for any fresh eyes.  


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michael o'nan

Can you post the show run of your UC560?

SIP Provider was adding a prefix to the E.164 number. Adjusting the Dial-plan translation rules resolved the problem.

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