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Silent overlays ?

Is it possible to make an overlay button have a silent ringer?  I tried button 2s24,25,26  but that did not work. I was just guessing...

I thought there was a way to make an overlaid button silent. Please advise.

( I cannot use an octo line as it is a 525 handset, but can you silence an octo line so i know for the future?)

Thank you,


Marcos Hernandez

Very good question Stacy, but unfortunately not supported as you state it or would like it. Couple of options come to mind:

1) Do not Disturb for the phone, which would affect all calls including those not directed to the shared (overlay) line. Not ideal.

2) Load a ringtone that contains silence and assign it to the shared line button via "User Preferences" on the phone. Problem here is that you would not only lose sound, but the light too, since this lamp is driven by the wave form of the ringer sound.

Sorry :-(


What I'd really like is octo line support on teh 5xx phones  :(

So I think I am liking your 2nd silent wav ringer file...but I've never created a custom ringtone and uploaded to the UC before.  Where can I find instructions on doing so- is it very complicated or time consuming?

Would the screen still pop up the incoming caller's caller id? Id so, we don't mind lossing the red light lamp on an incoming call to that line.

and the personal extension would remain on its own ringer uneffected by the 2nd line's special ringer, correct ?


For the Silent Ringer, do this:

1) Move these files (using TFTP, for example) to your UC500 flash, specifically the "flash:/ringtones/" directory



RingList.xml already exists on your flash, so you will have to replace it.

2) Enter this command in IOS config mode:

tftp-server flash:/ringtones/Silent.raw alias Silent.raw

3) Restart your IP phone.

4) Go to "Settings" on your phone (button with the checkmark)

5) Select User Preferences >> Rings >> Default Ring

6) Pick "Silent" from the list. This will now be the default ringtone.

If you want to assign it to a line or extension in particular, then you will have to replace the file "DistinctiveRingList.xml" under the same directory. Here is one that has the Silent ringtone added to the list:


Let me know how it goes.


To answer your other questions:

1) The file I sent you just eliminates sound. Lamp and Caller ID still show up.

2) The ringers are independent per line.



I just put each ephone-dn on it's own button as silent since they only have 3 dn's of the Main line extension.

But having the silent ring file could be useful in the future elsewhere- thank you !


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