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UC320 SPA525G2 "Refreshing voice component"


I've setup a new UC320 after ungrading to 2.1.1 and all works fine except the 5252G2 resets approx every 2 minutes with this diaglog on the screen. I have not tested this phone on a previous version of UC320 software.

"Refreshing voice component"

The phone is running

software version 7.4.4

Hardware version 2.0

The 525G has also been reset to factory defaults before being automatically added to the UC320

Another connected SPA504G doesnt reset and behaves normally.

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UC320 SPA525G2 "Refreshing voice component"

Hi Tim,

I'll suggest a couple of troubleshooting steps:

  1. Consider upgrading to either 2.1.2 (GA release) or 2.1.3 (Limited Deployment release) to prevent being stung by the Flash player 11 compatibility issue.  Both releases are announced in the discussions here.
  2. Verify that the SPA525G2 is on the Voice VLAN IP network (On the Phone -> Settings -> Status)
  3. Factory Reset the phone but unplug it when the screen goes blank.
  4. (Re)Launch the UC320W Configuration Utility.  Go to Configuration -> Devices.  Delete the phone by hitting the X button.  Apply Configuration.  (You may see some errors on other screens but disassociate the phone on those screens)
  5. When the system comes back up.  Plug in the SPA525G2.  Allow it to stablize.
  6. Logout and log back into the Configuration Utility.  Reprovision the user and buttons.  Apply

I believe the phone should be on 7.4.8, but that is managed automatically by the UC320W.  You should use Ethernet to do the above steps.  When finished you can go WiFi if you choose.  Hopefully, these steps will help.




UC320 SPA525G2 "Refreshing voice component"

I found that upgrading the 525g to software version 7.4.7+ as well as following the above steps will get the phone to recognize the UC platform in the hardware discovery step of the GUI. Definitely want to make sure your UC firmware is 2.1.3 as well.


I was troubleshooting this

I was troubleshooting this problem recently for a client and came across this thread. My client had a UC320 & recently purchased 2 SPA525G phones to work with it. Both phones exhibited this problem: every 2 minutes, the phones would report "Refreshing Voice Component", followed by "Resync in progress" and finally "Resync completed". Talking with Cisco support, the problem turned out to be the SPA525G phones were a newer hardware revision that the UC320 couldn't successfully talk to, so the UC320 was repeatedly trying to re-provision them. The SPA525G phones that are incompatible are the ones with 128MB of flash memory, as opposed to the models that had 32MB of flash. The easiest way to tell if you have a new phone is by serial number: SPA525G phones that have a serial number greater than CCQ18160L03 have 128MB of flash. Serial numbers earlier than that have 32MB of flash, and are compatible with the UC320.


I have exactly the same

I have exactly the same problem :-( I'm a user of UC320W and have 12 phones SPA525G working  correctly. I bought 2 pieces a few days ago and both restarts showing 'Refreshing Voice Component ...'. Is there any solution for this?

Please, help me with this. My Cisco reseller does not want to accept the return phones from me :-(


Hi - have you been able to

Hi - have you been able to resolve this issue?

I ran into the exact same problem, and I am pulling my hair out!  Have you come across any workarounds or fixes?


There's no good way to

There's no good way to resolve. UC320 require particular firmware version to be running on phone, but your phone of particular hardware revision is unable to run it.

Remember - the UC320 is EOS/EOL already, thus there's no attempt to make new hardware revisions of SPA525G2 compatible with it.

Those new revisions of SPA525G2 can be connected as generic/unsupported SIP devices only.


@Dan Lukes  Thank you.  I

Dan_Lukes  Thank you.  I appreciate the fast comment.  It's disappointing, but it is what it is.  Any recommendation on a good UC320W alternative?


There is Business Edition

There is Business Edition 6000 from Cisco, but it's not true replacement for SMB segment - it doesn't support SMB phones. IMHO Cisco have no suitable solution for small business segment.

Consider third party SIP PBX instead of Cisco's proprietary Call Manager. SIP is standard protocol, so even if you will replace PBX for whatever reason, you need not to trash all phones - and vice versa.