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Unified Callconnector re-activation


Does anyone know the process to reactivate the Unified Callconnector client when hardware changes ?

My customer have many UCC PAK, one per laptop, and a Callconnector Server v1.6 with a UC560.

For security reason, he used to reinstall the OS every year and for some even every 6 months.

And finally some laptops are renewed every year also, which would be a serious cause of license violation because activation is based on CPU and NIC address.

So is there any procedure after hardware crash/recovery to reuse the solo license (SW-UCC-CLIENT-1) ? desactivation or license releasing ...

Thanks for your ideas.



From the licensing section on, hope this helps

"If you need assistance with obtaining a new license or have questions about one that you already received, please contact the Global Licensing Operations (GLO) team at . However, response times may vary depending on business hours and peak volume times when using this method. Using one of the automated options listed above will provide real-time services."

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Hugues,

As far as i was aware, if the system underwent a operating system restoration and you used the same PAK ID upon installation the software would reactivate as the physical system characteristics didn't change on the system.

However if this was not a laptop but a desktop and you had to change say the NIC or the CPU then you would need to have the exisiting system ID released from that PAK ID and freed up for another install, you can do this by contacting support or e-mailing them.

Not this was based on version 1.5 when I went through the whole issues of installing and uninstalling on various hardware and system, it might be different for 1.6 but I am fairly certain it should be the same.



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Thanks to all

We hope Cisco will change this kind of indivdual license activation when having UCC server + client. UC500 could manage 100 phones !


The Smart Call Connector and the new version of Unified Call Connector manages the licences from the Server. Once the licences are registered on the server, you can allocate and deallocate the licences from the clients as needed.

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