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Using SIP, *9 to activate Intercom of an extension interrupts Current Call

These are Cisco 504G Phones running 7.4.9 and/or 7.4.8 SIP.

Here is our issue:

A call comes into the main reception desk, it is for Ext 101.  The process for the user is to call *9 101 and activate the intercome and announce the call using the *9 feature.  The receptionist will place the call on HOLD, then *9 to Ext 101, activating the intercom and announce the call. 

The issue is when is user at Ext 101 is on the phone.  The *9 will work…and it should NOT.  It should reject the *9 attempt.  Instead, it automatically places Ext 101’s CURRENT call on hold, and activates the intercom, allowing the receptionist to talk to Ext 101 (while the remote party is on hold listening to hold music without warning).


Any suggestions are welcomed!

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Are you using an UC500?

If yes, that is the wrong forum, try "small business voice - UC500". You can move the post using the panel on the right.

If not, still the wrong forum, contact your SIP PBX vendor.

This is not connected to a UC5xx

This is connected to a 3CX Commercial PBX.

I have already been in touch with 3CX Support, as well as developers.  I can assure you through WireShark Packet Captures, this is a Cisco Phone (504G in this case) issue.  There are other manufacturers that are working fine.

It was suggested by 3CX Developers that I continue to look for support from Cisco on this issue. 

Sorry, still wrong forum. Try "Small Business Voice - phones".