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Hi All!I'm trying to attached an ipsec tunnel on my 2811.I have p1 up173.X.0.X   24.X.237.X  QM_IDLE           6237 ACTIVEbut p2 failes with the following when i do debug crypto ipsecNov 25 15:46:29.597: map_db_find_best did not find matching mapNov ...

rbblue234 by Beginner
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Hello,One of my customers has requested a L2L IPSec tunnel between a 3rd party ASA5505 and their central office 5510.The tunnel works fine but they have asked to enable Identity Firewall against the incoming connections in relation to the IPSec tunne...

Just configured site to site VPN for ASA 5515x and 5505. The tunnel is up, but couldn't ping to the other site from 5505 and vice versa. Below are the tunnel status and ASA configs. Any help or comment is appreciated. Thanks!ASA5515X# sh crypto ipsec...

Hi. I have question regarding anyconnect solution. Is it possible to make diffrent access levels. I mean if I use local users or active directory. For example username:syadmin should full access on all VLANS. username:consultant should only have acce...

Hello,I'm new to the world of VPNs and Tunnel interfaces so please bear with me. I have a couple of questions:1. So the tunnel source is the source ip address of the tunnel packet and the destination the destination, right? So what do you need an IP ...

I have one computer where AnyConnect all of a sudden has stopped working.  It connects through an ASA 5510.  I can use a different machine over the same connection with the same AnyConnect Client and connect fine.  On the machine that does not work a...

rpearson3 by Beginner
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Hi,I am building a AnyConnect IPSec solution, and have a question about backup servers.  I understand that if I input the details of my backup link, then in the event of a failure at the primary this will be used.  My question is more about capacity....

HiWe have a Remote IPSec VPN setup on our Cisco ASA 5505.This allows a connection, however when we try and route traffic for our internal network, plus a set of external IPs, we get the traffic blocked for VPN users.I am presuming this is either an A...

Hi Everybody. I have question regarding the Site-2-Site VPN and NAT. HQ  is connected to Partner and Co-location through site to site VPN (with  two diffrent tunnels). Co-location is connected to the HQ through  site-2-site VPN. HQ: Co-location: Part...

Roger Base by Beginner
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