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I'm having trouble configuring an ASA5505 on version 8.31 code for an IPSec tunnel.  I've done this multiple times on 8.2.5 but can't seem to get my tunnel to even attempt to come up on this ASA.  Not sure if it's relevent or not, but this remote ASA...

whiteleyjl by Beginner
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Site to Site vpn is up but no traffic goes thru...SRP541 and cisco 800Cisco 800 Config ---------------------------------------ip source-routeip dhcp pool quest   network   default-router    dns-server 8.8.4...

edgsoccer by Beginner
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Dears ,, is there ability to implement Group member outer and Key server Router on the same router ... meaning can the member server receive keys from it self when acting also as key server  ?                   

I've been running with GETVPN for a few months now and all seems to be good. I am running into one annoyance however...If my branch's WAN connection goes down, I use a Verizon 4G connection to create an IPSEC tunnel back to my datacenter. The problem...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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Hi All, curious as to how the ASA negotiates encryption and hash values when using the ASDM site-to-site wizard.  The wizard appears to allow all possible combinations so if both sides are setup using the wizard defaults, are the agreed upon phase1/2...

dkraut by Beginner
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I have access to an ASA running 8.4 and I need to copy the config to another one, to have it has as a spare.All configuration has coppied fine except for this part in the config;crypto ca trustpoint ASDM_TrustPoint0 enrollment self subject-name CN=GS...

jwbensley by Beginner
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We have a Cisco 3845 router for Site 2 Site VPN tunnels to external business partners.  The IOS is (C3845-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T8.One of our partners is doing a DR test and needs to have us swing the VPN traffic to another peer in a te...

rkallas by Beginner
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Hi,In site to site vpn phase-1, we use SA proposals and it includes encryption, authentication, hashing, DH, lifetimes etc... Can anyone tell me, which parameter would be exchanged first ??rgdssec-IT Team

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Hey,have simple Config !ASA to ASA VPN Site to Site !And VPN Client !Connection works but no traffic from VPN Client to the VPN Site to Site !I think it was a Nat Problem !object-group network ITA-2-LOCAL network-object network...