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My IPSEC tunnel failed to go up

Hello, I have 2 routers, R1 (had end) and R2 (remote) connected via the public cloud.The config is as soecified in the document attached.The link latency is about 1500ms. HOwever, I have the following issue.My issue is R1 and R2 failed to ping each.W...

chris.lau by Beginner
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Trying to remove crypo entry from the ASA

I am trying to remove the following entry but it does not seems to delete on the asa.crypto map vpn xx set security-association lifetime seconds 3600crypto map vpn xx set security-ssociation lifetime kilobytes 4608000These are the only lines in crypt...

mehsulsss by Beginner
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Resolved! ADSL point to point simulation.

HI,Probably barking up a dead tree here, but is there a way of connecting 2 ADSL routers such that they simulate an end to end connection? I am looking to create a lab test network such that when connected I can create a VPN tunnel between the router...

PIX-PIX Crypto Tunnel not coming up

Hi, I have a number of PIXes across the UK and all have Crypto Tunnels back to 2 central points. One PIX I deployed recently has only come up with 1 tunnel working. This is a template config, so I have absolutely no idea what is wrong :(Anyway, I've ...

handsy by Beginner
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Cisco router 2811, PAT and VPN

Hi,My configuration is as follows:Central location, (ASA 5520) is connected with branch office running 2811 router via IPSec VPN. The router has a single IP address available so PAT is in place on outside interface. I have configured VPN tunnel with ...

ssahadzic by Beginner
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Reverse Telnet: Aux/Console

Hi.Router R1 has some trouble during the boot, so i wish to connect via R2's Auxiliary port to R1's console port.What's the configuration for the Aux port on R2? So far i implemented this:line aux 0 modem InOut transport input all transport output al...

reg:syslog server

Dear sir,I would be very thankful if you could get the PIX Firewall Syslog Server for the version PIX-515E 6.3(5). Thanks&Regardssrini

Three-key 3DES

I am fairly new to the world of VPN tunnels, however, I just came three-key 3DES and was wondering the following:Will a 2811 with or without an AIM module support this function as part of the phase 1 key exchange of an IPSec VPN Tunnel?Even if it doe...

rsvensson by Beginner
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Multiple vpdn-groups with vrf

Hi all, I wanna to install an LNS for PPTP tunnel ending,I created "vpdn-group 1" and "vpdn-group 2", which connect to "vpdn-group 1" put into vrf "test1" ,connect to "vpdn-group 2" put into vrf "test2". when i use windows xp client connect ,i saw...

Questions on GET VPN

Hello folkI am working on understanding GET vpn. I want to ask few questions:1) Suppose i have 4 spoke (branches) and one HUB site. With GET VPN spokes are authenticates with hub (key server) and then get security policies and then form VPN with HUB ...

Issue with DMVPN from 877W to 1841

I am trying to connect an 877W to an 1841 via DMVPN. An existing connection with 857W works fine using the same configuration (different tunnel IP etc)When I debug the crypto engine I get ...000097: Mar 19 14:26:39.058 Brisban: %CRYPTO-6-ISAKMP_ON_OF...

cisco by Beginner
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No Phase 1 initiating on PIX 515E

PIX 515EVersion 6.3(5)I am having a problem when adding a new tunnel to an existing PIX that is already terminating several existing tunnels. The existing tunnels are not having any problems. However, the new tunnel will not initiate Phase 1. When...

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