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Greetings from Greece,AthensIhave a Cisco 877 and i would like when someone from my network type's in internet browser for exampe www.facebook.com then automaticaly i want to redirect the internet user to another url for example on www.google.gr or i...

All,                    we got one CiscoIronport s170 on two site, we would like to implement that if one of applicance failed, then the internet traffic will route to another appliance. I understanding that if device connect to L4 switch, it can do ...

Hai All,We have cisco ironport WSA 370 version 7.5 . We need to decrypt some https traffic . But the issue is our corporate AD support only 2048 bit cert. But our WSA box only support 1024. Heared that asycos 7.7 (new release) support 2048 bit cert. ...

I have an IronPort WSA S370 and M670 that were used for a POC.  I would like to completely wipe the hard drives on the appliances prior to returning them to Cisco and wanted to know the best method to use to achieve this.  Will a resetconfig also wip...

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Guys I m v new to web security ....one of my client has a requirement of dedicated WAF......just wondering does cisco has any product for that ........secondly many companies have IpS including cisco and IPS does the same thing ....(correct me if I m...

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