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WCCP Commands for Transparent Proxy

Hello,Can someone pls confirm on the WCCP commands below on cisco routers for transparent proxy on WSA?Note that the router is connected to a switch and WSA P1 connected to that switch.How can i then test the the WCCP config on cisco and WSA is corre...

How to block Open Proxy within WSA

I test WSA with tools pxytest.pl (from: http://www.unicom.com/sw/pxytest/pxytest) and found that WSA is open proxy which mean it's vurnerable to be used by spammer to send junk mail.Result:>>> (smtp dialog with probe email)<<< 220 smtp.cbn.net.id ESM...

WSA high availability options

Dear, all . just would like to have some help , other then WCCP and L4-L7 content switching for high availability with WSA what other methods can be used ?secondly do you have any idea that WSA supporting configuration clustering as it does in the ES...

notification webpage

Is it possible to not have notifications that this ad has been blocked imbedded into the website were the ad was?The reason I ask is that the filtering that I was using before blocks ads and pop ups. It didn’t replace them with a notification that it...


HelloI work for an goverment agency and we just got the appliance setup.What I need to be able to do is tell what people have visted what sites.I have been unable to see anywhere to run this kind of report.For example I need to be able to see what si...

Allow to only specific sites

We have a group of users that need to be able to only access certain websites. In AD, we have created a group for this and placed those users into the group.In the web filter, we have created a custom category and added the sites into this category....

AsyncOS 5.1.2 for Web is now available

IronPort Systems is pleased to announce the availability of AsyncOS 5.1.2-001 for Web on IronPort S-Series Web Security Appliances.This maintenance release contains all of the critical fixes from the 4 hot patch builds since the AsyncOS 5.1.1 mainten...

WSA replacing Symantec Webfilter

A customer currently running Symantec's Webfilter is trying WSA in order to see if he can replace Symantec solution. He is asking me for a benchmark between the two products. I have little knowledge about Webfilter, any help?

WSA running too slow

Hello citizens! I've been having lot of trouble with an WSA. It runs too slowly. Some times a web page is displayed 5 or 6 minutes after I requested it. Has anyone found this kind of trouble? If so I would really appreciate some advice:blopez@cav...

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