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Resolved! Cisco WSA HA

Hello All, I know that in Cisco WSA, we can configure high availability with CARP protocol. But I need to confirm that in Active Standby HA of Cisco WSA is it stateful failover. Which means that If I confiugred HA in WSA and active appliance goes dow...

Does anyone have the issue where the MS store downloads do not work via umbrella.This is whether it is behind a network or via roaming client using AnyConnect.If I stop the AnyConnect service on the PC the download works just fine.I have permitted ma...

AdrianM1 by Beginner
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Hello, we are using the Web Security S395 with ASyncOS 14.5. Currently, there is CVE-2023-36664. (CVE-2023-36664 (debian.org))Does our Web Security utilize Ghostscript? Unfortunately, I couldn't find any reference to Ghostscript in the documentation ...

Hello guys, I have one confusion on which I need your thoughts, Kindly advise me on this. The scenario is that I have created one identification profile for user for which I'm allowing a few predefined and custom categories. On the other ...

Hello,I have a Cisco WSA Virtual, I would like to know if there is a way to check :1- The disk space currently used for webcache? (ipcheck = total cache 200G) ?2- The list of domains/URLs currently cached (webcache > DESCRIBE > DOMAINS/URLS : need do...

cisco.13 by Beginner
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Hello,    I would like to ask about WSA.  At web tracking, I see some lines with  "http://URL"  and some with "tunnel://URL".    What is the difference??   Thanks and regards,  Konstantinos

Hello Community, I'm stuck in a scenario where I need help from Cisco expert guys. I'm in an implementation project where I need to deploy Cisco WSA S695. We've already recommended 2 WSA in HA mode in DC for redundancy purposes. The client wants inte...

Questions related to Advanced App Controls of Cisco Umbrella SIG:1. I know Umbrella can block upload for Whatsapp.Does this mean Umbrella can block upload for both Whatsapp desktop app and Whatsapp web?2. Is it possible to only detect file upload act...

Bruce00 by Beginner
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