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Hi all - I just bought a used s170 on eBay and I cannot connect per the startup guide. Assuming it’s because the previous owner didn’t reset the configurations. how would you recommend I get in? Nmap when connect to attempt to identify the IP address...

For some reason the WSA I inherited had mgmt and data port configured on the same port. As good hygiene I saperated mgmt port and assigned new IP. All seems good. However now we are realizing the WCCP processed traffic isn't allowed where as explicit...

zoolabus by Level 1
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Hello, everyone. I would like to change the web interface https certificate of my WSA because previous workers issued the certificate with wrong URL and therefore although everything is installed it still gives an error. I changed through CLI however...

Morning Techies! I am after some help. I have attempted to upgrade one of my clients S100v, and although all the logs indicate that the upgrade had been succesful, the Appliance failed to load the new verison.Fri Nov 8 11:03:28 2019 Info: Download an...

Hi all, We are attempting to upgrade our WSA's (S170 appliances): From version 10.1.4-007 for WebTo Version: 10.1.5-004 for Web We are encountering the below error upon starting the upgrade process (note that the new code has been pre-downloaded to t...

WSA2 fail upgrade.JPG

Hi,On a WSA with WSA Essentials Licensing (No AV Scanning) I am looking for clarification what happens with URL WBRS Scores between (-6 +6) with a default scan action when no AV/Anti-Malware Licences are enabled on the WSA. Documentation states the R...

iwearing by Level 1
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Hey community I'm looking for a logical WSA stencil. Cisco used this stencil in their documentation: This stencil is not included into 3015 stencils: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/brand-center/network-topology-icons.html Thank you.

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