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Hello everyone, I have a Cisco WSA S395 version 15.1.0 that I'm not able to lunch telnet from it  .For example, I'm able to ping a website on the internet but not able to do telnet on port 443.Internet, it's joinable from the WSA.Can you please help ...

Hi I'm running a WSA with 14.5.1 and have just enabled Smart Licensing and clicked register and entered the token. Problem is, its registration status is even after 5 minutes still on "Product Registration is initiated.". I have now realized that I h...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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Hello,  I have an issue with WSA.  We have renewed the cert of WSA.  The webpages load normally except this one https://outlook.office.com/owa it show an error ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED on chrome and in incognito mode. The policies are Allow and P...

Hello,I cannot find the limits of the WSA S300v, S600v, S1000v proxies in the datasheet, which only displays disk, CPU, and RAM limits.I would like to know the following limits:Number of transactions per second or per minuteBandwidth.....Thank youReg...

cisco.13 by Level 1
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I am looking for a detailed packet trace that shows hop by hop exactly what happens when a web proxy is being used and an endpoint does a DNS resolution. Does the DNS server return the IP address of the actual website on the internet? Or does it retu...

Hi, This setup is in a k-8 school where we have numerous Content and Threat Categories blocked by network default. I want to create a Group Policy that will bypass most of the restrictions created in the default setting to allow school admin staff an...

bob1030 by Level 1
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Hi,To acheive some level of network layer redundancy, we would like to have at least two nics that are used to proxy on our s650 (other than the management port). Therefore, it would be logical to just patch another nic into P2 (however I am aware th...

Hello, I have a SMA to manage a cluster of WSA hardware. One of the cluster member is down and we want to replace it with a VM because the WSA is end of support. I'm not sure if it's possible to make a cluster with a hardware and virtual machine ? I'...

HiI have a s300v and a zoom meeting freezes after 30-40 minutes. This only happened on 1 out of 4 devices. I noticed that "logderrorlogs" was getting the error "releasing journals" almost every hour.any proposal for a solution ? yaron

yaronbe by Level 1
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