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Hello, Unfortunately the proxy cpu value which is displayed on WSA is different than the value that we can see on the shd logs. At the same time, we observe that the proxy cpu displays unrealistic values like 50.000% or --%. On the snmp logs, we also...

spacemeb by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, I am setting up two WSA devices managed by an SMA device.  I am working on setting up the WSA LDAP for user authentification (having issues but that is another subject)  What I trying to figure out is the relationship between the WSA set...

Hey guys,Good day. So guys I have been going through WSA and I was not sure why we need it if we have got a Cisco FTD/FMC, I mean FTD offers features like Web filtering and Deep packet inspection so why do we need Cisco WSA.Can you guys please mentio...

Good Afternoon,Based on the Ironport WSA documentation for fields cs-bytes & sc-bytes, which is upload/download? I'm finding conflicting information.%qcs-bytesRequest size (headers + body).%ssc-bytesResponse size (header + body).Cheers,James

JHerbst by Beginner
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Hi All  I am trying to figure out how to bypass umbrella for a single URL, (needs to go via DC).  Our customer has migrated over to umbrella and we need to source the end user's traffic from our External FW.  Currently, we have Anyconnect with the um...

TTboy1988 by Beginner
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Let me preface this question by saying that I'm not asking how to install an SSL for HTTPS Proxy for Transparent Redirection. I've already done that and it's working. What I would like to know is how to change the SSL certificate the appliance is usi...

CiscoFSYR by Beginner
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Hello,I want to ask about bandwidth in menu Reporting > System Statusis it the bandwidth represent the amount of total bandwidth used from all client through the proxy to internet?what is different from menu Reporting > System Capacity > Bandwidth Ou...

fiqc by Beginner
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Looking through the Talos Intelligence Categories here: https://www.talosintelligence.com/categoriesversus the URL categories available in Firepower....they don't match up....(106 on Talos site, and 126 in firepower)Granted that 'any', 'uncategorized...

DMel by Beginner
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hi , i have problem with connecting one device to CA server i create trustpoint crypto pki trustpoint CA enrollment terminal serial-number subject-name CN=x , OU=x revocation-check none rsakeypair my.ca.keybut when i paste CSR that i create with...