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Hello guys,Just a quick question, how testfailovergroup command works?I suspect we have issues with the failover, failover did not work. so I need to troubleshoot the issue.I was thinking to execute testfailovergroup command but I don't want to have ...

spacemeb by Beginner
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ECDSA Certificate upload for HTTPS proxy.

Dear All! I've upgraded to 12.0.1-334 https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/security/wsa/wsa_12-0/WSA_12-0_Release_Notes.pdf says:ECDSA Certificate upload - The appliance now supports the uploading of ECDSA certificate for HTTPS proxy. But when I...

VKi67464 by Beginner
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Cisco AnyConnect (umbrella)

Hello Guys, We recently rolled out cisco Umbrella, and some users are having issues with Cisco Anyconnect. The message just keeps on popping as disconnected and reconnected. All the clients are on wifi. They can connect with their credentials. But ca...

NICK12 by Beginner
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Upgrading SWA, WSAV from 12.5.3-002 to 14.x

I am using S195 and S300V.Both are using version 12.5.3-002. As far as I know, there is no guide from 12.5.3-002 to 14.x.-> I referred to the https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/wsa/wsa_14-0/release-notes-for-wsa-14-0.html web page. Is the...

chanchan by Beginner
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Resolved! WSA upgrade from 12.0 to 12.5 in VM

Hi,I see on the release notes that S300V in AsyncOS 12.5 now requires 12G of RAM and 5 CPU, whereas in 12.0 it was 8G of RAM and 4CPU.Considering an upgrade in 12.5, should I just power off the 12.0 VM, update the HW prerequisites and upgrade to 12.5...

RD77 by Beginner
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IronPort WebProxy TLS Decryption

DearsI have one clarification, if i m doing the TLS decryption for my end user traffic on proxy server, what is the benefit of doing that, becz Proxy is not a prevention system, if any malicious traffic is inside the connection how we can prevent it ...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Block TLD’s (Top level domains)

Hi all,We are trying to block TLD’s (Top level domains) within the FTD’s / FMC.   For example, we wish to block TLD’s that can pose threats such as RU, plus a few others. Currently, we have a rule built in the “Security Intelligence” to attempt a blo...

WSA credential encryption with NTLM authentication?

I have a new WSA that we are setting up. I need the user credentials to be passed to the WSA by the browser automatically through SSO. I had to disable credential encryption in the global authentication settings to get it to work. I can't find anythi...

c-kn by Beginner
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Web Application Mapping with Individual URL

Hello,Is it possible to get a complete list of URLs mapped with an Web Application ? For example say https://secure.aadcdn.microsoftonline-p.com is part of  Microsoft Azure, Office 365 Web Application. I wonder if there is a way to find all the URLs ...

MSJ1 by Beginner
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