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WSA went down for 5 mins

Hi Guys, One of my WSA went down for approximately 5 mins, i couldn't even ping on Proxy server IP address but was able to ping Management IP Address but very slow, many drops in that too. Within 5 mins everything automatically came up and worked fin...


About once a week, all users receive WWW_AUTH_REQUIRED notifications and can't access sites on the internet.  For URL: it appends http://ironportdevice to the front. The issue is resolved for a while after rebooting the WSAs.  Reported in both IE and...

Cisco WSA - X-Forwarded-For header per domain

Hi all, I would like to kindly ask you whether is possible to add header X-Forwarded-For on domain basis? It means add it to the requests for domains abc.com, def.com but not ghi.com. I know i can enable it globally for all http requests, but I do no...

Tomas R. by Beginner
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Block Skype with WSA.

I have a problem for block skype, I have tested as shown in this link. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/security/web-security-appliance/118094-congifure-wsa-00.htmlI have configured the WSA as a tranparent proxy, and all function well,  but ...

Windows store S370

Hi AllI have a S370 web security appliance.  I have user that are trying to connect to the windows store to download apps.  I have read about a couple of ways to get around this, but what is the correct way to allow this as I do not want to just bypa...

cwhite008 by Beginner
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Can't login to Cisco CDA GUI

I've deployed a Cisco CDA virtual appliance, and have it up and running to the latest patch (Patch 4). When logging into the CLI, both the admin and new username's created work just fine, yet neither work for the GUI.Are there any other items that ne...

Jeff Bull by Beginner
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Resolved! Gateway Timeout

We always get calls and e-mails saying that a website is being blocked since the page the WSA displays for a gateway timeout is nearly identical.  Is it possible to not have the WSA branded gateway timeout page?

blroberts2 by Beginner
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