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May we please ask your assistance regarding blocking of an application that bypasses our Ironport web security appliance. The application is an executable file. This is now widely used by proxy users and they can surf without restrictions. No logs fo...

John by Level 1
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Currently I have all HTTPS decryption using passthrough and when I look at the web tracking on the WSA it only shows the IP address. My understanding of this is since the traffic isn't being decrypted it can't get the web address. But if I look in th...

dkorell by Level 1
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Hi the company that i work for is in the hosting business, each customer have there own Context on our ASA Clusters. im in the process of migrating af Customer with a active subscription to CWS, to a context. from what i can read in the CWS document...

I am using WSA in transparent mode, ASA as WCCP redirector. I can not get some pages. (www.arspoetica.sk for instance) Browser (Mozila) open file save dialog with application/octet-stream application. But there is no such a stream from this page. Whe...

tpospisil by Level 1
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Good day everyone. I've got a problem with Cisco Web Security Appliance S170. After last power off the appliance refuses to boot properly. Console just gives me "Starting AsyncOS services ... " output, that is all. Alarm LED if off, top HDD LED flash...

If an user is authenticated on a windows machine and he goes to a web-page that is blocked for him/her, is there any way I can display an option for the user to authenticate with a different login and access that page? I'm in a situation where multi...

guibarati by Level 4
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