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IronPort WSA S670 GUI Log Subscription Page Error


I had a working IronPort WSA S670 appliance configured with Management and P1 ports only. I needed to add support for three additional VLAN's and hence changed the uplink switchport configuration to a trunk. The IronPort VLAN related config was done in accordance with section 25-7 of this document Although, the VLAN config was done without any issues and could be verifed in the GUI Network settings page, the System Adminsitration -> Log Subscription started giving

Application Error

An application error has occured and been logged to the GUI log.

Return to the default screen.

From the CLI, the "grep" stopped working as well and is throwing the core dump and terminates the SSH session.>> grep

Currently configured logs:

1. "accesslogs" Type: "Access Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

2. "authlogs" Type: "Authentication Framework Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

3. "avc_logs" Type: "AVC Engine Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

4. "bypasslogs" Type: "Proxy Bypass Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

5. "cli_logs" Type: "CLI Audit Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

6. "configdefragd_logs" Type: "Configuration Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

7. "dca_logs" Type: "DCA Engine Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

8. "external_auth_logs" Type: "External Authentication Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

9. "feedback_logs" Type: "Feedback Logs" Retrieval: FTP Poll

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/usr/build/iproot/ap/ipoe/ipoe/", line 55, in <module>

  File "/data/lib/python2.6_7_i386_nothr/", line 128, in _run_module_as_main

    "__main__", fname, loader, pkg_name)

  File "/data/lib/python2.6_7_i386_nothr/", line 34, in _run_code

    exec code in run_globals

  File "build/bdist.freebsd-7.2-RELEASE-p2-i386/egg/", line 36286, in <module>

  File "build/bdist.freebsd-7.2-RELEASE-p2-i386/egg/", line 25698, in main

  File "build/bdist.freebsd-7.2-RELEASE-p2-i386/egg/", line 616, in command_loop

  File "build/bdist.freebsd-7.2-RELEASE-p2-i386/egg/", line 32824, in do_command

  File "build/bdist.freebsd-7.2-RELEASE-p2-i386/egg/", line 33064, in main_input_run

  File "build/bdist.freebsd-7.2-RELEASE-p2-i386/egg/", line 32837, in run_func

  File "build/bdist.freebsd-7.2-RELEASE-p2-i386/egg/", line 13620, in grep

  File "build/bdist.freebsd-7.2-RELEASE-p2-i386/egg/", line 7415, in _display_logs

KeyError: ('fips', 'text')

<<<SSH session terminates at this point >>>

Since then, I removed the VLAN specific config to get to the baseline state but still its not working.

Anyone else encountered this type of error ? How to recover from this ? How to actually add VLAN support to the box without causing this ?



Cisco Employee

IronPort WSA S670 GUI Log Subscription Page Error

Hi Rick,

I suggest you to raise a TAC case in order to investigate this further.

Luis Silva

"If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach"

Luis Silva
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