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call logs to see who answered a call

How do I obtain a log that shows which users answered incoming calls.


I have a primary telephone number which all inbound calls come in on and via a hunt group goes to multiple users, i would like to be able to see which users are answering the calls.



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Hi Robert,

To obtain a log that shows which users answered incoming calls, you can use the Webex Calling Report APIs. Here are the fields that you would need to focus on:

  1. Direction: Filter for 'TERMINATING' to identify incoming calls.
  2. User: To identify the specific user who answered the call within the hunt group.
  3. Call ID: To uniquely identify each call for detailed tracking.
  4. Answered: To confirm that the call was indeed answered.
  5. HuntGroup: To identify that the call was distributed through a hunt group.
  6. Department ID: Sometimes used to segment hunt groups within an organization, can be useful for further granularity.

These fields should collectively allow you to create logs that show which users in the hunt group are answering incoming calls. You can find more information about these APIs in the following resources: Webex Calling Report APIs, Calling APIs Overview.

Additionally, if you're looking for a more comprehensive solution for analyzing your call data, you might want to consider Metropolis's Expo XT Webex Calling, and Webex CC. It integrates with Webex and provides detailed insights into call patterns, agent performance, and queue statistics, which could help you identify and resolve issues like this more quickly in the future.

I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any other questions!

Ratheesh Kumar
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VIP Alumni

Hi there


Couple of options, either you check the serviceability >> CDR report which give you the details (minimum though). In a more technical way, you have to get the traces and find out. Not a viable option again. I think your best bet will be installing a good call account/reporting software




Hope this Helps


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