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Migrating to new WebEx site questions

I am migrating a cusotmer from an old domain to a new domain

They also have a set of room kits that are registered into the webex cloud.

Users are moving their email domain from to


1. Once I have defined will the people that have changed their emails to automatically be moved to using the new (as long as there are licenses associated with


2. How do I force the re-registration of the room kits to have the new calling space instead of the old one?

The documents do not seem to be ver clear on this.  Do we need to unregister all of the units, then move the licenses and then re-register them?



Cisco Employee



Email domain change is not limited, and there is no data loss

Note: For Devices, the Cisco Webex SIP address enables business-to-business calling and Webex URI callback. Cisco Webex Places are assigned a Cisco Webex SIP address in the form ( you do not have to re-register the devices when you change an email domain

Important: However, when the user resynchronizes to the cloud, the user state depends on if the new domain is verified in your organization. If the domain is not verified in your organization, the user's status changes to Pending after the full synchronization. For more information, see


To change the email domain/email there are two ways


a. ADSync

b. If no ADSync, Users update by themselves


And Domain verification is mandate whether you do ADsync or not to ensure the users do not face login issues.



So once I can have the customer change their DNS records, and I add the new site, do I need to delete and add users so that their email matches instead of

They are not doing AD Sync so I am thinking it is a manual effort.

Deleting users will lead to loss of user data, if there is no AD sync the other way I indicated earlier to you with an article is for users to update by themselves.

And do not forget to verify your domain to prevent user login issues,

Cisco Employee

I would also ask you to review for SIP address change if in case its applicable for your use case

Looking at the SIP Addressing, it looks like I go into Control Hub > Settings > SIP Address for Cisco WebEx Calling

I can edit the Subdomain.  But it looks like it is not the case I can have two subdomains. 

Once I make the change, does the susyem go out and change the calling for currently registered devices automaticly or is there something that would need to be done on the devices?  Not touched on in the document.

Yes it is automatic, not sure if you missed to review this article I posted later on

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