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Webex Teams UC calling


We have imported users in Webex Control Hub via Directory Connector. We have enabled Unified CM for Webex Teams.

We are unable to search those contacts which status is showing as "verified" or those users on which Webex Privileges are not assigned (Please note: Users in the ACTIVE state can be searched in contacts and we can dial their Phone numbers). Is it mandatory to assign Webex Privileges to the users and status should be in ACTIVE so that it can be searched in Webex Teams and we can dial their number?


Please note all the users have Mobile and Workphone numbers defined in Active Directory.


Since the CUCM corporate directory does not work for Webex Teams (Unified CM)we want all the users should be searchable on Webex Teams via Webex Control hub regardless Webex Services are assigned to them or not. Please let me know if it is possible. 

Cisco Employee

I am looking through my control hub list, and I am not having the same experience you described. Anyone marked verified or active, whether imported and set as a free or pain account - I can search for in my contacts.

In addition, with the recent addition of Outlook contact searches, as well as the upcoming "Pizza Guy" contact, I am expecting to see more local contact searching as the Outlook Addres Book has typically been more up to date.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response did you try this on Webex Teams installed on Android, IOS, MAC, Windows?

I have it on my Windows (BETA client) and iPhone. I have not tried android or MAC.

Recently we have added the new users on free license, their status is verified now,but unable to search those users in Webex Teams with Display Name. TAC is checking with Cisco engineering team on this.
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