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Control hub Analytics showing different call count

Hi All,


In Control hub Analytics showing different total call logs in engagement and in Quality option.


What exactly meaning of total call logs in engagement and how it is different from total call logs( call logs by audio quality ) in quality




Meanwhile, those reports are quite similar, there have been more differences in the past..

For instance, the call duration differes for Calls in Webex when comparing both reports.


In the quality report, there are some calls from a device type "other" in my case. PM is aware of this, I've also opened ticket for it.


I've also mentioned that the call durations slightly differ if you look into these reports and compare them with those in the Calling Admin Portal..

Any reason behind this difference

This is what I've been told:

[...] there would likely also be calls recorded on call history that never landed on a Webex Calling device (voicemail, call forwards to PSTN etc), the call history view is a complete view. The engagement view only shows calls that went to devices registered to Webex Calling. There could also be a discrepancy due to remote region calls (this is being fixed this week to include these on CH) or ATA/DECT calls.

Vaijanath Sonvane
VIP Advocate


Agree with @dtibbe. There are lot of discrepancies in Webex Calling data that is presented in Control Hub Analytics. As a customer, they would like to see data accuracy in all the analytics widgets and not to dig around different pages and reports to match the data and at the end bang their head on wall if nothing matches. As a partner this is really frustrating to explain this to customer who relay on control hub for Analytics. I have spent two days to trying to figure out webex calling analytics data and at the end I gave up. I hope Webex Team is taking notes of these issue. 


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Thanks, Vaijanath S.


Cisco confirmed this behavior to be a bug and are currently addressing it with developer team.

This seems to be a design issue, it seems there is some incorrect duplication going with the counter coming from the broadcloud calling service.

Vaijanath Sonvane
VIP Advocate

Hi @Dhirendrakumar ,

Do you have bug ID for this issue?



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

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