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WebEx Calling Intermediate Administration Exam

Velin Tsekov
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Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct community to ask but let me try. We are a Cisco partner currently working towards getting our SaaS authorization. I did the WebEx Calling Intermediate Administration course. I took the course and test and for whatever reason failed it. Is there a way for them to redo the test? From looking at it, I don’t see a way for it to be done myself (Maximum number of attempts reached!). Anyone know about this? Should I wait some time or another one should take the course and the exam?

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Yep, They have a disclaimer mentioned that you'll get only 1 attempt for the Exam.
The thing which I find strange is they don't even show you the answers as a feedback or review. I mean, what's the point, if you're anyways letting a person take the exam only once.


The Webex helpdesk isn;t of any help & neither is help.calling.webex

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I have also experienced this issue, the course has no menu options to restart, resit or cancel the course, none of the usual support methods seem to have any awareness of the training portal - both TAC and the training support team have forwarded me to the webex forums for a resolution.


Thank you for contacting the Cisco Certification and Communities Support Team. My name is Terence, and I am the owner of your case ########.


Unfortunately, our department cannot assist you with your inquiry. To get further assistance, please contact the Webex team support directly by access the link below;


I will proceed in closing this case now. Thank you!



Terence Sy

Cisco Global Customer Experience Centers - Certification & Communities Support  

It’s the same case for me also. Unfortunately even after contacting the different Cisco team ( Certification team, training team and webex team) no answer has been received.


please do update in case you manage to redo the exam