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Webex device Hybrid call flow for URI dialing



Earlier (not so long ago), if Webex device was enabled for hybrid service using device connector, and call is initiated from the device to SIP URI, Webex cloud used to send all non webex URI Calls (e.g. MS teams or zoom or any B2B URI) to Expressway E. Then via Expressway E, C and CUCM, spark device used to anchor the call and send it back to expressway C, E and to Internet like a B2B call. However, recently I noticed that such non-webex domain calls no longer comes back to expressway from Cisco cloud, looks like Cisco cloud directly route those calls to destined domain.

Is this true? If so, I couldn't find any document related to it. Can someone point me to correct document ?


Below document has some call flows but doesn't cover SIP URI or B2B dialing from webex hybrid device.

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Erik Peterson

This is news to me.  May vary by Webex org, perhaps?  I just helped a customer finish B2B config for this scenario, calls were definitely still coming in via the Expressway E/C/CUCM path.

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