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Greetings, Hackers! This is the thread where you will post your official hackathon submission, when you're ready. You'll reply here directly in this thread with your team name, and a link. It should be a video (we love !) of up to five (5) minutes in length, and should be publicly viewable. Below the team name and link, it's ok to add your elevator pitch for what your solution does, and why it should be a winner.


Our judges will be watching these videos to make their selection for first, second, and third prize, but.... The whole world will be looking, too! Everyone (with a Webex Developer Community Forum account here) can click on the "Helpful" button on any and all submissions, and the post with the highest score will be the winner of the People's Choice Award!


Happy Hacking, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

1 Accepted Solution

WRAPPING UP! 24 hours to go until we announce the winners of the Hackathon! Register here for the announcement Webinar:


Thanks, everyone, for your hard work!

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First Place: Team Data Ninjas

Second Place: Team Turtle Type

Third Place: Team FZICRE


People's Choice: Team Turtle Type


Congrats, all!

WRAPPING UP! 24 hours to go until we announce the winners of the Hackathon! Register here for the announcement Webinar:


Thanks, everyone, for your hard work!

Thanks for submitting, everyone! Out of 19 registered teams, 3 have submitted. That's great news for those three! Guaranteed to be first, second, and third. Everyone, please click on the star icon for "Helpful" if you want to vote for these three for People's Choice. Somebody's getting two prizes, and we need your help to decide who!


ALSO - were you on a team that did not submit an entry? We're SUPES curious about what you've been working on. We're going to allow additional videos to be submitted during the next couple of weeks from anyone that has already registered while judging of these three goes on. If you post a link to a video demo of your IDEA (even if you didn't build it), you'll qualify to receive swag.

Thanks, everyone, for your participation!


hello WebEx Team,


We are Team Data Ninjas!

Video Link: CloudFabrix Databot for Cisco WebEx Teams 

Note: We are going to submit our bot WebEx App Hub (in the next couple of days)


We really enjoyed the overall process of the Hackathon and learned quite a bit about WebEx APIs. WebEx as most people know about meetings software, but we just saw a whole other world of what WebEx can do with instant communication and collaboration.


We tried to implement a couple of scenarios, in the limited time that we got (we just discovered about this hackathon 5-days ago) but a lot more can be done with this bot - as the data to this WebEx bot is powered by our Dataops automation platform (


But thanks for all the guidance from organizers, and especially from support personnel.


Hope we get picked



Team Data Ninjas


Great submission. Two things to point out, #1 Webex is not spelled with a capital E and has not been so in years, #2 there is not Teams in Webex app name anymore, that was dropped second half of last year (2021).

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Now I am seeing webex spelled with ALL lowercase letters - not even the W is uppercase anymore, but i haven't seen any announcements about it.

AFAIK Webex is still officially spelled with a upper case W.

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Michael Wehar

Francisco Zicre

Hi everyone, may the 4th be with you!


Here’s my entry for the hackathon, it’s been a couple of crazy weeks and I haven't had the time to dedicate fully to this project but I promised to deliver a bot and I wanted to deliver something at least functional.


I don't know if it qualifies as material for the App Hub. But my promise to the community is to keep improving this bot and help those who need to start building bots.


So I basically built a bot to help build your first bot, using botkit as a framework.

It has a 5-step guide explaining the entire process.


The bot has some simple coded , cool templates so that the user can learn by modifying them at will.

Successfully tested by co-workers with 0 experience in bots and even with developer tools.

You can try it for yourselves


What 's Next? Work more on the teaching content, make some more images/gifs/videos to guide the user not only on this framework but all of them.
Work on the FAQ and Security features and give the bot look a good polish with adaptive cards.

First time using Vidcast and it shows..(but very cool tool!!):


Well there goes my first hackathon , it was a blast, thank you all!. 



I forgot to put the name of my team(i am a one man team) and a link to my project:

Team: Fzicre

The bot is live at:



Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

As the Community Manager here, I CANNOT wait to see what incredible solutions you all produce and share here in the community. Excited to see your expertise and innovation come to life. I'll make sure to send this to our internal org members to vote on their favorites as well. HACK ON!

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VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Looking forward to the showcases!

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