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Webex app, local integration with outlook concern

Bertrand PESLE

Hi Cisco's Team,

I've been reading that the new Webex app won't be able to scrap the users's local outlook calendar just like that Desktop app does today. It says that Hybrid Calendar integration will be required.

Moreover, as a partner I'm very concerned about it because it says that during the upgrade the desktop app is removed and we have many customers that didn't implement and don't plan to implement this hybrid calendar at least in the near future.

This might create a lot of complains from users because they won't get any meeting reminder popups anymore.


Does cisco plan to change that before the new webex app gets mandatory ?



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Andrew Bell (Webex PM)
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

UPDATE - Rollout has begun -


Product Manager for Hybrid Calendar here.  Over the next 2 weeks we are rolling out an update on how we process meetings.  This should remove most if not all of the caveats that Hybrid Calendar has today.  Distribution lists, meetings with large number of attendees, declined ghost meetings, and other limitations will all be removed.  We have been using this processing method within Cisco for a couple months and it has been working really well.


I don't have an exact ETA, but if a customer admin has not configured Hybrid Calendar the new Webex app and Webex Teams will soon show a list of meetings that represents all scheduled Webex meetings that user hosts or is an attendee in, regardless of the site.

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