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Create AP template from existing access point in Prime



Is it possible to take an AP configuration and create a template that can be deployed to other access points through Prime?  I am new to Cisco AP's and Prime.  I configured an AP (2802) from the controller and it is working as expected.  I have the WLC in Prime, and would like to know if there is an easy way to generate a template from that AP to push to other access points.



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Re: Create AP template from existing access point in Prime

Prime does a lot of things, but some things is not as easy. What are you actually trying to do?  When you have a wlc, the controller has all the configuration. This means when you have a new AP, all you have to do is have the AP join the wlc and then rename the hostname. If you are using AP groups, you add the AP to that group.  When I stage ap’s, I use cli commands and have an excel sheet that generates the commands for me.  That might be the easiest way, but again, tell me what you are trying to configure on a new AP. 

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Re: Create AP template from existing access point in Prime

Hi Scott,


Thanks for taking the time to reply.   We are migrating to Cisco wireless this year and I am trying to figure out what a rollout would look like when that time comes.    In my testing with a handful of access points, once they join the WLC, I've been going in and manually updating device name, location, enabling flex connect, and then adding the WLC's to High Availability. 


I'm assuming I could create an AP group with those settings, and then when an AP comes online, I just need to add it to that AP group? 



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