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Wifi6 - C9120 - Setup default gateway is mandatory or not?

Elrick Landon

Hi to all


I purchase new AP C9120AXE converted to EWC.

I notice when AP is booting a message related to default route not set that it says that can affect performance.

Message is : %Default route without gateway, if not a point-to-point interface, may impact performance


My AP is on subnet with DHCP enabled.

My IP recover IP from DHCP but i dunno if it recover gateway automatically.

My APs working fine, does it make sens to add default gateway manually on my configuration with ip default-gateway AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD or it is not usefull?


Many thanks for your advise.



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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru
Leave it on dhcp... don’t read into all the boot up info, especially if you have no issues and the ap comes up. There are only a few stuff you would look for and that is when troubleshooting an ap that will not join or power up properly. I have EWC for testing and that is on dhcp and is required when initially staging.
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