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145AC access point... and router?

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I had been using wireless routers for my home usage, made for the consumer market. I was having reliability issues, so decided to switch to a brand like Cisco and purchase one for my home use.

I purchased the 145AC access point, and plugged it downstream of my modem, hoping it would replace my home router like-for-like. However the status led ends up flashing red, and it never broadcasts the setup SSID. So something is not right.

Now that I think about it further, I realize 145AC is probably really just an access point, and does not have routing / DHCP capability, and cannot be considered a replacement for home wireless routers. Am I correct?

What would it take, with Cisco products, to replace a home wireless router? Is there another wireless device that has similar integrated functionalities (NAT routing, DHCP server, access point, etc), or should I supplement my 145AC with something else?

By the way I bought it on Amazon with a 30-day return policy so obviously I don't mind returning it and buying something else :).

Thanks, Philippe.

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 That´s correct. You just bought an Access Point. 


You need to buy something like this one

CVR100W Wireless-N VPN Router 


Rich R

CVR100W is obsolete - you can guess from the outdated 100Mbps LAN ports and 802.11n wireless

You didn't mention what kind of WAN interface your router uses (DSL/cable/4G/5G/ethernet) so your choice of router depends on that.


Thanks for the follow-up. My WAN access is a standard cable Spectrum modem with Ethernet connection. 

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Thanks for the information, I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.


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