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4402 windows wireless clients slow access to local resources

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Level 1

wlc4402 Windows clients have very poor access to network resources inside of our network. The wlan is on a tagged interface associated to a port that is a vlan trunked port on our 6509. If a wlan that is associated to our non-tagged management interface is used, then access is normal. I test this by browsing to internal websites and a websites on one of our dmz's and something like google.

I've put my laptop wired on the same vlan as the wireless wlan to check for basic routing etc.

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Level 7

I would upgrade to 5.1 as soon as you can. 5.0 is a dead train. It had a lot of bugs.

Thanks for the advice on 5.0. I've got it upgraded to now, but no joy.

Do you have an ASA or MARS box doing anything with inspection on the network?

The closest i can think of is the websense that our manager uses.

So when you are wired you are okay? Do you have more than one dynamic interface on the wlc and if so, do you have issues on all tagged subnets?

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That's correct. I've put tagged interfaces on both ports and swapped out the sfp's. I'm only having problems if the wlan is put on a tagged interface and with xp and vista. Linux, Mac and even an iphone no problem. Now if i can just convince everybody to switch to a different OS ;)

Well you kind of narrowed it down when you said you have no isswues with Linux, Mac and especially iPhones.... Update the driver on the windows client and see if it helps.

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Good advice on the driver update, I tell all my techs the same when wireless is a problem.

I've done the update route on four different laptops all using different wifi chipsets. One cisco cb21ag, intel 2200BG, Intel3945ABG and i dont remember the others. All w/the latest (thatt i could find)driver downloads

Well... that seems to be kind of weird. I know that the 2200's are sometimes of an issue, but the cb21 and 3945 I have not seen an issue with. How is your setup anyways? Are the wlc etherchanneled? The hard part is the fact that some work and some don't. maybe post your show run-config so we can look at if there is a configuration issue or not.

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I have to agree with your assement. Here is the config. I sure hope it's just a configuration issue.

Well the rest of the show run-config was not there. What I was looking for was the interface and wlan configuration so I have an idea of how you have it setup. One thing is, upgrade the bootloader to ER.aes and then upgrade to BOOT.

Don't know if you want to post the show-run-config without removing the ip address. Just remove the last octet if you are fine with that.

By the way, do you have any dynamic interfaces that are also used for wired subnets?

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I see what you mean about the run-config. Not too sure what i did there.

We're in the middle of election stuff right now so i'll have to get back tomorrow hopefully.


Here is another attempt at a running config.

BTW i've put 4.2 on the wlc and now change.

I've also opened a tac call and will post any info i find out.

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