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5.0 Ghz Channel Width set to Best

I have AP 3800 in Mobility express mode (4x). The wireless is working as it should, the only concern is have, that all 5.0 Ghz clients are using 20 Mhz Channel With, even tho I have configuration "5.0 GHz Channel Width" set to Best. To my understanding these means that Client and AP will decide 20, 40 or 80 Mhz channel width if it possible, if not then it will go to lowest.

I'm using 8.10.142 ME software.

I didn't have the same result on Virtual wireless controller where this was working as I described.

Are there any settings that I need to look at?

Rasika Nayanajith
VIP Mentor

In a typical enterprise deployment, you can have 20 or 40MHz where 80MHz become impractical if you have more APs in closer proximity. Therefore set it to 40MHz is the general best practice.


As you identified, set it to Best may not work as expected all the time and it is based on how good DBO-Dynamic Bandwidth Operation implemented in that solution. Looks like there is a difference between ME setup and WLC setup.




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I agree with you, that's why I want to leave it on best and then controller chooses how it will use the channels and what kind of width. 

I managed to solve it. It took some time and calculation and ME work as expected. Now everything is fine.

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