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7921 firmware downgrade



we are  using CUCMBE 7.1.5.. I did firmware upgrade to 7921 from 1.3.3 to 1.4.1  but there was some bugs so i have downgraded to 1.3.3. There are 20 7921 almost all phone iis baak to 1.3.3 but there are two phones hasnot been downgrade to 1.3.3 i could not find  why these phones does not downgrade to 1.3.3.

What can i do ?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The 3.x 7921 hardware requires ES or later.

You can ask TAC to provide ES or our latest ES (, which the 1.4(2) release will be based on, which has more aggressive scanning than previous builds (1.3.4 - 1.4.1SR1).

If you have further questions, just ping me back.

Hi Mike,

You mention that there is a an ES that will map to an upcoming 1.4(2) release. 

I have a client that is running 1.4.1SR1.  I thought that 1.4.1SR1 maps to ES

They receive inbound calls on their 792x phones and the phone only reings once even though the call is still being presented to the phone because you can see the LEDs flash and you can still take the call after it stops audibly ringing.

I see a bug in the 1.4.1SR1 release notes:  CSCtj21700 that seems to be a close match. 


Yes is based on 1.4(1)SR1 plus a few more fixes and changes.

But the has enhanced scanning.  Also does not support interband roaming.

The  official 1.4(2) release will include seamless interband roaming  support, which is based on the plus  a few extra fixes.

Like I mentioned on the other thread, if it is  CSCtj21700, then there is no audio not even a single sound while ringing  in and won't have audio when the call is connected.  This requires a  power cycle.

This is a rare situation and only seen at a few deployments.

So if it is a case of only ringing once, but then audio is fine, then it is the following issue.

CSCto03375  7925 Ring Delay issues with certain ringtones

But either way, both CSCto03375 and CSCtj21700 are resolved in ES and will be resolved in 1.4(2) as well.

See the following thread for more info.


- Mike G

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