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9800 WLC - Modifying WLAN causes SSID to drop from APs


Whenever I make changes to one of my WLANs, it causes the SSID to stop broadcasting from APs that it is assigned to. The only resolution I have discovered is to go into each AP and changed the policy tag to a different tag, save it, then change it back to the correct tag. Is there any way to either prevent this issue from happening, or globally force every AP to pull an updated config?

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Leo Laohoo
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We ran into an issue just a few days ago when we migrated some APs from AireOS to IOS-XE.  Other groups of APs (different sites) went well.  In one group, none of the APs were broadcasting anything.  We dialed into one of the APs and used the command "sh dot11 wlan" and there was not a single SSID in them.  

Using CLI, we removed and added SSIDs from the Policy Tag (several times) and it did not work, however, when we removed and then added the SSIDs into the Policy Tag using GUI, it started working.  

This is why I was asking if the SSIDs in the Policy Tags were created using GUI or CLI.

9800 version:  17.6.4

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Haydn Andrews

Sounds very bug related. What version code you running 

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