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Acces Point Hostname no more displayed since C9800 Migration

LAN team
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Level 1


Since we're migrating our AIreOS WLC to C9800 WLC, the on-site team complain that with their wi-fi scanner, they only see AP Mac-Address instead of AP hostname. 

Do you know if there's something to enable on C9800 to keep the original behavior ?

Thank you,


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 - If the APs are viewable with hostname on the C9800 then this probably relates to the wi-fi scanner too and or it could be an extra security measure implemented on the 9800 (to not have that info displayed outside controller management)


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But note that use of the Aironet extensions is not considered best practice so while you might want to enable them during survey it's best to disable them again afterwards (that's what we agreed with our survey team).

Thank you, it's what I need. 


Something weird me, how it is possible to match the example in the Cisco doc with AironetIe Support : Disabled and Advertise-Apname : Enabled at the same time :

Device# show wlan  id 1
WLAN Profile Name     : wlan-test
Identifier                                     : 1
Description                                    :
Network Name (SSID)                            : wlan2
Status                                         : Disabled
Broadcast SSID                                 : Enabled
Advertise-Apname                               : Enabled
Universal AP Admin                             : Disabled
Max Associated Clients per WLAN                : 0
Max Associated Clients per AP per WLAN         : 0
Max Associated Clients per AP Radio per WLAN   : 200
OKC                                            : Enabled
Number of Active Clients                       : 0
CHD per WLAN                                   : Enabled
WMM                                            : Allowed
Channel Scan Defer Priority:
  Priority (default)                           : 5
  Priority (default)                           : 6
Scan Defer Time (msecs)                        : 100
Media Stream Multicast-direct                  : Disabled
CCX - AironetIe Support                     : Disabled
Peer-to-Peer Blocking Action                   : Disabled


It could be something with the version, I can not get them split like the document, mine is either both on, or both off. 

Doc is for 17.2, I/m on 17.12.02 since I'm testing the 9166D1s.


Screenshot 2024-01-11 140129.jpg

Indeed, it's the same for me.

Thank you.


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