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AIR-AP4800-A-K9 is not broadcasting SSID

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Rising star

Hi guy I have got APs one is: AIR-AP4800-A-K9  and other is AIR-AP3802-i-K9, neither of them broadcasting SSID.

I am able to login to web-console and wlan is enabled.

I powered them via Cisco DC injector and through none-cisco PoE switch (i.e. netgear switch).


Version I am running is:


I don't know what to do here.

Any help is appreciated and will be rated.




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Hi Arshad,


I did not configure NTP server whatsoever even at this point now.

I noticed when I connected my ME AP to home-network, the ME AP received an additional ip-address from home ISP Internet router.

In the wizard on CLI, it does not prompt for ip-address for the ME AP itself, but rather it only prompt for mgmt ip-address for web-console.

Again when I connect the ME AP to my home-network that AP received an additional ip-address from my home ISP Internet router.

I believe this might have enabled ME AP to enables both radio(s) 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

During wizard on CLI, it does not prompt for an ip-address for ME AP itself, that might to contributor too, the reason why Radio did not turn on.

Hi Rizwan,

This is the reason why I requested you to login to the AP itself by entering the command "apciscoshell" in the ME WLC and check whether the AP has an IP.

ME WLC runs independently in AP, the same AP itself running ME WLC will report to ME WLC as an AP. So ME WLC needs 2 IP addresses, one for the ME WLC and another for the AP. The IP which ME WLC will be used only for Management purposes. Anyway it is great to hear that you got your setup working. Have a great day.

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