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Hi all, 


I have been trying to prime an IW3702 UX AP for a week now with every device I have found ( iphone, android, tablets...) but none worked and I had a different error each time.

My question is , does this app still work with nowadays devices? Is there another way to have my universal AP turn European ?

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.



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Sandeep Choudhary
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Did AP join to WLC ?


If yes then follow this doc:



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Hi Sandeep, 


Thank yo for your reply.

This is exactly the document I have been following from the beginning. My AP is meant to work in autonomous mode. 

After so many failure, we thought to have it changed to lightweight AP and associate to our lab WLC, but reading the documentation, I would still have to use Air Provision so we thought there was no point.

Have you managed to prime your AP successfully with this app ?

Yes It did with the APP and worked like a charm.


1. Join AP to WLC

2. Create a wlan on WLC with a name "universal" and enable the "universal admin"

3. Connect your iphone/android device to wlan (Must have internet access!!)

4. ....etc



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Ok, I will try on a WLC this afternoon and post the result

OK, tried the lightweight and WLC plan : not better.

The application is not working whatever device I use.

Contacting TAC or I'll break something from frustration.


Thanks anyway for the reply



Lets us know the answer of TAC.


Wonder if you got it to work, as I have been using the app to provision and the only issue I have is the credential for the AP. Sometimes you can just use the default and other times you might have to specify the username/password on the controller for AP's and use that.
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