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Airprint on Cisco WLC 5508 - Printers found on WLC but not on iPad



Hello guys.. I'm about to freak out cuz I can't solve theis issue..

I've read several guides about how to configure the WLC for make it "speak" Bonjour/Airprint.

My problem is that I can find those printers I've enabled AirPrint on, on the WLC, but the iPad can't find a single printer.

Here is the what the cfg is like:

- global multicast mode: disabled

- added _ipps._tcp.local to mDNS services as the printers (Kyocera) have turned on both features ipp and ipps

- Query status is enabled for ipp and ipps

- the created mDNS profile has only those two services enabled

- the profile is applied to one SSID/WLAN and to three interfaces (management (static)/two others (dynamic))

- Management is my local LAN, the others are on different locations

- If you click mDNS -> General -> Airprint or mDNS -> Domain Names the printers are discovered

- turning on multicasting doesn't change a thing

Any ideas?

Update:   If a add one of the other services like HP or normal printer, I can find printers.. which are obviously no AirPrint devices..

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Is the printer actually advertising AirPrint, or just some generic mDNS print service?


If the printer doesn't explicitly support AirPrint, it won't work because the iPad doesn't understand it.

Canon MG7540 support Airprint

AirprintSecure had been broken for a long time, if you sniff the traffic you'll see a TXT pointer record sent to the client - but no pointer to L2/L3. fixed this code, Cisco didn't roll the fix forward until After using the fix for awhile we started running and noticed that AirprintSecure was broken again. After going through this bug twice, they say they will roll this fix forward with and beyond, at least in the 8.3 code lineage.


So in theory you should be seeing the printer, but completely unable to print to it (IPPS) - because of the missing resource record. All you get is a named pointer.

Do I understand correctly that this is a bug and it is worth waiting for a new firmware?

Yes, is the "first" 8.3x variant to fix the problem.


We first had Cisco fix this with a custom build,, but somehow the fix was not carried forward - now it will be.



Really though, do you care about mDNS Snooping? Do you want to restrict service discovery, or multicast traffic in some way? Then perhaps it matters.


To many though, maybe a wide open mDNS discovery is totally fine. It all depends on you and your needs.


In my situation, we want a per WLAN database. We don't want someone to see a service advertisement that they aren't allowed to touch, that would be confusing. Also, in some situations we've noticed a more reliable mDNS discovery overall when snooping is enabled. Many services don't seem to be a problem, but we have at least one that works far, far better with snooping enabled. YMMV

Known Fixed Release 8.5(131.0).

I am using and this release doesn't have this bug. The cause of the other.
Can someone help me?

Can you be specific? Are you having an issue with mDNS snooping enabled, and which string? Are you saying that doesn't hav this /fix/ ?

I wrote above what was the problem.


You must have Global mDNS Snooping enabled if you want the WLC to be the Bonjour gateway. If you uncheck global snooping, then it just lets all multicast traffic across. If you choose to participate in snooping, then the WLAN also has to participate in snooping, otherwise it becomes a black hole (no Bonjour traffic is seen).


If you are using AirprintSecure (IPPS),, (and newer supposedly) are the versions that fix a bug where the pointer record is sent without the resource record. In those cases, even if you see a printer name, you can't connect to it at all - no PTR.

config mdns snooping enable <-- enable global snooping

config wlan mdns profile 1 <mdns-profile-name> <--- instruct WLAN1 to use your mDNS profile


"show mdns service summary" to make sure that you see a service provider listed under that string, "show mdns service detailed <service-name-case-sensitive>" to check to see what is being discovered specifically.

WLC mDNS secure printer service response missing TXT record with mDNS snooping enabled

Known Fixed Releases:

With firmware I'm fine. I wrote above what was the problem.

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