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Announcing Cisco Wireless 17.15.1 Beta Program

Sudhagar Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce Cisco Wireless IOS-XE 17.15.1 Software Beta Program.

This project enables following features

  • 6GHz support for Taiwan & Guatemala
  • New B/C/D Country support for C9163E AP
  • Regulatory changes in UAE & Qatar
  • Flex-connect support with Suite-B & Suite-B 192 for WPA2/WPA3
  • Programmability Enhancements

Please signup for the Beta Program using this link:

(You can create a Stomio account if you do not have one)

The Beta is tentatively scheduled to begin around May 15 2024. You will receive an email announcement when the Beta officially launches after you signup.

As a Beta tester, we will ask you to complete several tasks and provide your valuable feedback on your experience with IOS-XE 17.15.1 Cisco Wireless Software.

You can provide feedback at the end of each task and open a ticket to raise a bug, present an idea or any other feedback. Your feedback will be reviewed by our team and most of the correspondence will happen through Stomio tool (

Cisco appreciates the time and effort you invest in evaluating this product.


Cisco Wireless Beta Team




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