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AP AIR-AP2802E-G-K9 not stable


Hello Everyone,


So the issue here is that we have 7 AP of the model AIR-AP2802E-G-K9 . All APs is working well except one.

I see in the datasheet for AIR-AP2802E-G-K9 that it needs 30 w to operate, however, the switch we are using has PoE ports and provides only 15.4 w. hence, we are using power injectors for these APs


All switchports which the APs are connected to have the same config. and when i type the command "show power inline", All ports connected to the APs shows as



However, from time to time, this particular AP goes down and users can't connect to it .and we can see from the WLC that it's connected but operational status is down. in the same time , when i go to the switch,and type "show power inline" i see that now the port which this AP is connected to showing  as Operational and that AP is now getting power from the PoE


What i do then is to bounce the interface (shut then no shut) and everything returns back to normal


I tried replacing this AP with a new one, but still same issue


My question here, is why this AP keep flapping between the PoE and power injector. should i change some settings for this AP ?


I saw some articles having similar problems, some suggested to disable PoE on the switchport. Other suggested to change AP setting from the WLC as per below screenshot



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Leo Laohoo
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It could mean the injector is faulty.

Maybe.but the point is the AP come up as soon as bounce the interface. Seems to be more related to the switchport or PoE settings i think !

Disable PoE on the switchport (power inline never).