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Hi there are two APs, which have the same name. If the first one already join the WLC, do you think the second one still can join the WLC? Thank you

wfqk by Level 5
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Hi all,I recently bought a aironet 1815i air-ap1815i-e-k9c. I made sure it receives enough power and it boots up nice.I can connect to the CiscoAirProvision SSID and input my settings but after this the AP reboots and stays in the join/ discovery mod...

FabianK by Level 1
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Hello All,  I am planning to upgrade Cisco Prime 3.4.1 to 3.6, release notes details seems to be ok, Would be very keen to know if any one has already upgraded to 3.6 and what is your feedback ( pros and cons please ). Also other can also share your ...

I am wanting to connect a single high-gain directional antenna to a 3600. I am having difficulty understanding antenna configuration for the 3600. I have searched this among many other guides: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/access_poi...

Hi. I`ve setup 1562E on wlc 5500, i connect to AP 866.7-780Mbps. But the transfer speed is awful.Download speed vary from 2-7mb/s, when working in 802.11n i get better download speeds 12-14 mb/sTransmit is somewhere around 20 mb/s Receiving/download=...

Test5047 by Level 1
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I'm trying to troubleshoot a slow wireless speed issue. I have a client who complains about her wireless always slowing down in a certain area around our building. I cant replicate the issue. When I look at the MCS value the client has inside the con...

 Does anyone know if it´s possible to use the AP 1552H with the antenna model AIR-ANT5114P2M-N, according to cisco bot are not compatible:http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/aironet-1550-series/data_sheet_c78-719520.htmlBut I ne...

cpinal by Level 1
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Hi,  I have a question, I have 2 WLC , one on site A and another WLC in site B, both have the same settings, everything is already configured and they have the primary and secondary controllers, all is working fine and the design works perfectly betw...


I see that the Catalyst 9800-CL supports being a Guest Anchor where the AireOS vWLC did not in the past.  Has anyone implemented this yet?  I think this could potentially be a cost savings over physical controllers in our environment. If it matters, ...

JWC929 by Level 1
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Hi, please help, i am not expert in wireless, actually we have 3 Wlan's in our network, one of them to give access to devices (tablets, cell phones) in order to be able to download some software. It takes no more than 20 minutes, after all users must...

jjalonsom by Level 1
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