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Change virtual ip according to wlc5520 web-auth certificate change.



I am trying to perform web-auth by obtaining a new public certificate and replacing it.

At the same time, I plan to change the virtual IP as well.

I saw in the documentation that the virtual ip should be set to a non-routable ip.

Is it the same when replacing a certificate with a public certificate?

* WLC - 5520

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 The IP address initially used by  Cisco was which is actually roteable although cisco recommend non-routable IP.

Now a days cisco use ip address.

  The public certificate can be associanted to this IP. Keep in mind that you need to reload the wlc in order to change virtual ip.

Rich R

The important point is that the DNS fully qualified domain name you're using for that virtual IP matches the domain on the public certificate you're using so that clients don't get certificate errors.

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