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Cisco 140ac & 145ac Coverage in House


Is it just me or is the Cisco CBW 140ac the worst access point?  I have a 2 story house and a 140ac(Primary) on 1 floor and a 145ac on the top floor with mesh turned on. 


The problem with mine is that the coverage is very spotty/flak.  If i turn one coner in the house away from the access point while watching a youtube video it will randomly buffer, saying I have no connection and then reconnect only to do it again a few minutes later. 


I just wanted to know if anyone else has used these CBW 140/145ac with any stability and decent coverage or is the business line just a joke?

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Tony Rosolek

Hello 1tim, 


I have no experience with these access points, but on they have two ratings with only 1 star. Two ratings is very low sample size, but might give an indication. 


Do you have these buffering problems only on the AP which is connected via Mesh or also on the AP which is directly cabled to your router? Can you see if the signal strength is low to the AP or is it just the throughput/reliability which is low? 

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Both of the access points are directly connected to my c3650 switch and the buffer/reloading happens on both

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