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When I read about Mesh APs, the Cisco book said the AP shoud be configured as mesh mode... Now I'm reading about special-porpuse on LAPs, one of them is bridge mode, and its description says you can create a mesh network with it So what could be the ...

ccnaluna93 by Beginner
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HelloI have controller moblity express 1815i 1) If i want to increase Bandwith for AP1815i Cisco , how I can  do that?  2) does it make sense if i change pool address ip from VLAN 30 with to VLAN1 with , allows increase Ba...

Good afternoon everyone, sorry if my question is too obvious, i'm just a beginner on wireless technologies.So i have a short question righ here, a coworker send me an AP quotation, the AP model is:  AIR-CAP-2702E-N-K9, we currently have the AP'S: AIR...

Angel_V by Beginner
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I am using Mobility Express 8.10.112 with Dynamic Channel Assignment but it is not working as expected and I am experiencieng some problems and disconnections from clients.Three AP's located one above the other on different floors are using the same ...

jmprats by Enthusiast
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Dear all, I've customized login portal using bundle downloaded from cisco site.What I miss now is to customize a little the voucher. Is it possible in some way ? To have Cisco Mobility Express as title of the voucher is not so beautiful, since we are...

gdspa by Beginner
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Hello together, I´ve got in Cisco Prime some Security Messages  I can´t explain. Someone know something about that?1:IDS 'Deauth flood' Signature attack clearedon AP 'XXX-APXX' protocol '802.11a' onController '"Controller IP". The Signaturedescriptio...

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