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Hi All Running on code, problem statement is client connecting to the AP not according to the AP group. Well, whatever residing in default group superseding. Anyway i can remove the WLAN xxx from AP default group? Thanks Noel

 I am trying to deploy four Cisco 1852i APs in mobility express, the first AP I want to be AP and primary controller, the second AP I want to be AP and controller when the primary controller goes down, to these two controllers I want to join 2 APs co...

Mark33 by Level 1
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We are migrating to new 9800's from 5508's and maybe I am missing how to do it but I can't see how to filter clients by SSID/AP......like you could in the 5508. Any suggestions? Thanks, Joe 

joeharb by Level 5
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Hi Guys,I have a virtual wlc on vmware, port is trunked, flexconnect configuredI have three APs all in different vlans and with three SSIDs configured.AP1 = = = SSID 1 should get IP in the range , S...

Looking to add the anchor per the Cisco steps.... Step 2In the Wireless Networks area, click the relevant WLAN or RLAN and click Mobility Anchor. But it is not listed in the WLAN section.New to the 9800 series, been working on AirOS for awhile and st...

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