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Cisco 1552e AP - Long-Range Directional Antenna Options

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  I'm looking at setting up a long-range (8-10 miles) ptp wireless shot to extend wireless data services to a remote site. I'm looking at hanging one AP (1552e) off a communication tower about 40-50 feet up and the other AP (1552e) on a pole attached to a warehouse about 30-40+ feet up. We have two  of the following parabolic dish antennas (AIR-ANT58G28SDA-N 5.8Ghz 28dBi) in storage, and was wondering if these will work on a 1552e AP. I don't see it listed as a compatible antenna per Cisco documentation, but have used these type antennas with the 1522ag AP. The 1552e doesn't have a dedicated 5ghz or 2.4ghz antenna port, so not sure how any single band antenna would work on it. I plan on placing one or two AIR-ANT2547V-N dual band antennas at the remote site to provide wireless coverage, and one directional antenna for the backhaul. I'm wondering if anyhone has had experience using this type of parabolic antenna with this type of AP or similiar antenna with success. Is there a better antenna option for this type of AP for long-range backhaul, like possibly using a Terrawave Parabolic 5ghz dish or grid antenna? We don't have any other spare model outdoor APs, so this is why we are looking at using this model type for this set-up.

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Heath Mulder
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You have placed this 10 years ago, I hope you can confirm if this worked for you ?

I read on that other antenna's might also work but Cisco cannot guarantee the performance and results etc. 

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