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Cisco Aironet 1240 AG Access Point - configure Mac Address using Telnet


Hi there,

IÂ’ve got a problem hopefully someone can help me with. I have the above mentioned AP and it is configured, working well and providing wireless access to several laptops on our domain.

The thing is I canÂ’t get access to the web-based interface to add new laptops Mac addresses to the AP as I currently have them secured with local list Mac address authentication but my user name and password when entered in the web browser login dialog box wonÂ’t allow me in although strangely it does allow me to login using the same credentials when I telnet into the AP.

Does anyone know why I canÂ’t get logged in using the web interface even though the user name and password does appear to be correct as I can telnet in? Also if you have any suggestions how I could sort this without having to perform the password recovery procedure, as I donÂ’t want all the config on the AP wiped and want to avoid having the set the whole thing up again.

As I workaround if anyone knows what the commands are to allow me to add the Mac addresses of the new laptops so they are added to the local list Mac address authentication list so the new laptops are secured that would be great.

Thanks in anticipation,


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Your AP is probably configured to use the enable secret as the password. Try entering nothing for the username, and enter your enable secret for the password ('Cisco' by default).

If that doesn't work, post your running-config and we'll be able to see why it's doing that. It's a standard configuration, and no worries because wiping the AP won't be necessary since you can successfully Telnet in.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks a million - you were 100 % correct and I can now get in to the web based interface ok! You saved me a lot of work so much appreciated!

Kind regards,


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