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Cisco CMX Analytics difference between version and statistics



We decided to upgrade our Cisco CMX from 10.2.3-34 version to CMX 10.3.1-35.

And we have been confused about statistics because both virtual appliances have same configuration, but on Analytics report tab numbers are very different. (Attached print-screens)

Maybe there is some explanation why could it be?


VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor
Check the top of the images. In one it's Associated, while in the other it's Connected. I think that could be the difference, but I don't know the CMX enough to help you more.

Well that should not be the case, because on CMX 10.2.3-34 - You can choose Connected, Detected devices and on CMX 10.3.1-35 - It changed to Associated, Probing Only devices.

Ok, then I probably can't help you.

Appears from CMX-10.3.1-35, the names are ammended to be more meaningful.

"Connected" being changed to "Associated"
"Detected" being changed to "Probing only"


The new names in actual makes more sense.

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