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CMX cloud test setup

Hi Team,

I'm trying to point my WLC towards to the CMX cloud, in order to gather some analytic data from mobile clients (this is test setup) and I have followed the below given guidelines from cisco.

As per the above I have completed, 

1. ACLs

2. New test WLAN setup "cloud"

3. Setup the controller with External web-authentication - radius server

4. CMX cloud portal setup

5. Internal DHCP server to serve client ip addresses.

But when I tried to browse from the clients, I'm not getting re-directed towards,, page. 

How can I troubleshoot this ? 

Does anyone succeed in setting up CMX cloud ? 

Please advise.



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Rasika Nayanajith
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

I would suggest reach TAC & get their help as many of us has not deploy this yet.



Hello. I was trying this for a first time too. Had the same issue. The thing missing in the documention is WLC never uses DNS so it never can find the server. So this link was the key. When adding the cloudcmx server you append the real IP of the cloud services load ballancer at the end , finally the https link status went to up:

like this: 

(5508-12) >config cloud-services server url https://<tld_id>

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