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College trying to provide semesterly closed access

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Level 1

The colleges won't use anything proprietary/single vendor, as they can't require students to have Aironet client cards, etc. I was thinking Win2003 Server with each semester a OU that has the CRL revoked at the end of the semester -jason

"If you can would you tell me what you would suggest as a solution for this client.

They will provide wireless access at all there colleges, but they only want students and faculty to use the wireless not just any Joe that happens to be in the area. Those students and faculty will have accounts in Active Directory. They have 80 colleges scattered across the country which makes it more of a challenge."

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Josef Oduwo
Level 7
Level 7

Suggestion: set up proxy authentication to access all services including wireless and LAN. That way, others may be able to see the LAN but not get on...

If users have accounts in AD, this makes it *easier* - think only in-semester users have permission to authenticate. This is pretty much the set up we have for a very large client base.


Can you elaborate, is there a CCO url? Some ios commands? Not sure what you mean...

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