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Controller GUI states different version of Firmware on the AP ( backup image )

Sharath Karpur
Level 1
Level 1

Hello All

I have updated new primary image on my controller and every thing seems to be well also with AP downloading WLC firmware.


But I could see that in Controller under wireless tab all Ap's have same Primary image but different backup image that looks so crazy to be. Please see the screen shot 1. 


Would you guys know why this happens or you experienced this ? 


logs :


 (Controller) >show boot
Primary Boot Image............................... (default) (active)
Backup Boot Image................................


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Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


AP will show only Primary Image. 

Because the backup IOS image is deleted from the system board's Flash memory when the new image is downloaded on to it. This is designed to be so because the system board's Flash memory, which has a total of 31/XX MB, does not have enough space to store the Primary and the backup image.



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Thanks for the information ! 

but I could see some AP which has desired primary and secondary image ( attached a pic for reference ). Any advise on this.

Its all depends on free space in Flash of that Access Point.



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