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Roman Rodichev
Rising star

CSSC v4 vs. v5

Why is CSSC v5 so different from CSSC v4? In v4 you could create networks and configure all kinds of settings, including specifics for EAP-FAST. I'm probably doing something wrong, but in v5 it seems like it's a watered down version of v4, a lot of options are gone, there is no way to choose EAP-FAST parameters (at least I couldn't find it). I did use v5 management tool to create an installation with a 90-day Demo license.

Michael Adler
Cisco Employee

the release 5.0 has all the same and even more features as the release 4.0. In 5.0 release we broke the utility into 2 part one is admin part where you do all the configurations and then save the profiles; and the client part that reads the profiles saved by the admin utility. Most likely you only have the client part therefore cannot make any changes.

Lucien Avramov

What configuration parts are you missing?

Have you taken a look at:

Configuring EAP Fast Settings

Cisco Employee

The Secure Services Client 5 is designed to keep things simple for the end user and keep the advanced features in the hands of the IT administrator. This simplifies help desk operations. So yes, the client itself does not give end-users the same configuration options when you compare it to version 4. The methodology was based on substantial customer input and proved very successful.

Detailed configuration for each EAP type can be found in the management utility. In the management utility, each of the screens has names at the top in larger letters. For user authentication, the screen name in the management utility is simply user authentication. There you will find a list of EAP types and the ability to select a single EAP type based through the use of radio buttons. Choose your EAP type and click on the Configure button that becomes available to you. I believe you will find the configuration options you are seeking.

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